Internal view of DVD drive



We specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing engineered solutions from Class 10 clean rooms, die and wafer cleaning systems to fully integrated single- or multi-station high-precision assembly, cleaning and test systems. We design and build some of the industry’s most advanced custom automation solutions.

We provide custom automation solutions including clean-room high-accuracy placement, material handling, assembly, testing and real-time data acquisition and analysis for the precision manufacture of a wide range of computer components or sub-assemblies.

  • Wafers, chips and circuits (BGA, PCB, SMT, thin film)
  • Memory storage media
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Flat panel
  • Displays and monitors

Computer peripherals assembly is often a combination of discrete part assembly, high precision micron tolerance assembly, optical alignment and various process technologies involving welding/soldering, laser processes, dispensing and high speed pick and place transfer.

With best online gambling’ long history in precision assembly, it is the ideal partner for companies manufacturing these devices.


best online gambling has a long history of manufacturing equipment for the assembly of hard disk drives.  High precision coupled with the completion of assembly in clean room environments down to ISO 8 provide challenges in the assembly process for which best online gambling has developed an extensive skill set over the years.

Printer cartridge


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